Long hiatus

Well, it seems that I haven’t yet begun blogging in this space and I am already guilty of procrastination – a quality which I promised would not be the norm. To be fair (to myself, that is) I have had a rather busy fortnight, with no less than three deadlines and a quick trip to Stanford to deliver a paper. Just got back last night and am only beginning to recover. But not for long, because one other deadline awaits me, in addition to teaching and prepping for an even longer trip to Oceania within another two weeks’ time!

Hence, I am not going to go on about this, except to say that I have yet to master the art of blogging during or after 14 to 16 hour stints on the keyboard as a result of deadly deadlines. I am, however, back, with various topics on my plate, the first of which are culture contact and the comparative study of religion in anthropology…both of which shall be written about carefully and quietly…mañana. 


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