The small pleasures of the Melanesian forest

Small pleasures of the Melanesian forest

All entertainment aside, it is worthwhile advising, for those colleagues and friends who work in North and Central Vanuatu, that I once again came down with malaria, for which radical treatment was necessary (mefloquine+primaquine). As of now I am having a blood smear analysed at an advanced immunology facility because it appears that I may have contracted a doxycicline-resistant strain. If this were the case, it will be important to put the word out through the Vanuatu Ministry of Health. But hopefully it will not be. I will be posting an update soon.

2 Responses to “The small pleasures of the Melanesian forest”

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  2. Can you inform me if you were diagnosed as my son was in pele Nov 2007 and has had symptoms every 4-6 weeks of malaria and is now being seen by a diagnostic specialist and we are looking at different strains. a friend came back with Plasmodium falciparum but doesnt match his prolonged systems. my phone is ******* australia or email would be greatly appreciated. thanks shelley

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