Blindsight, the movie


I apologise for the relatively slow output of the past week. I have several topics waiting to be posted about, not least a serious news update about the developing Olympic Torch protests. I’ve simply been too busy, though, and it may have to wait another couple of days before I get down to some serious updating.

However, I simply had to publish a quick post in support of Blindsight, a new documentary film based on the true story of how several blind Tibetan children, in the company of their mentor, Sabriye Tenberken, and Erik Weihenmeyer, a highly experienced blind mountain climber, managed to climb up Lhakpa-ri, a 6,000 mt peak situated close to the north face of Chomolangma (Everest), hence on the Tibetan side of the Himalayan border.


At 6k, that qualifies for “high altitude” mountaineering. ‘Nuff said.

(That there is me striking the inevitable pose at Rongbuk Monastery, a few klicks to the fore of Everest North…mostly hidden by clouds in this pic).


Sabriye and her partner Paul Kronenberg are the founders and admins of the amazing NGO Braille Without Borders. I have not yet ranted about my cynicism towards most things to do with international aid and development…but for now I’ll just say that BWB is, in my opinion, one of the most uniquely successful NGOs operating in Lhasa…and believe me, I do not say that lightly.


Mausse class

(at left: students from “Mouse”, i.e. beginners, class at the Centre in Lhasa, photo by BWB)

My connection here? In late 2003 I worked briefly for Sabriye and Paul, when they needed an evaluation report for their Rehabilitation and Training Centre for the Blind in Tibet (based in Lhasa). It was as a result of that experience that I really became a total fanboy of these guys, and their amazing pupils and teachers.

But why go on reading me? Visit some of their sites and judge for yourselves, here and here.

Sonam and Nyima

Sonam & Nyima (photo by BWB)

2 Responses to “Blindsight, the movie”

  1. Hola, me intereso un poco en el tema del Tibet y encontre tu pagina, se puede conseguir el documental que mencionas aqui en Mexico (Blindsight)? Gracias! Sylvie

  2. “Blindsight” aún no está disponible en DVD, porque acaba de ser estrenada en Europa y Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, creo que dentro de poco podré tener acceso a la película, si es que no se distribuye antes en México.

    En cuanto al Tibet, te refiero a las ligas de internet de mi blog, que son un buen lugar para comenzar cualquier búsqueda al respecto.

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