Planetary exploration


Rhea and rings


Courtesy The Planetary Society Blog comes this wonderful little reminder of the miracle that is the exploration of the Solar System.




Read that blog entry slowly and think about it for a moment: five active missions at Mars, with another one about to attempt a North Polar landing (this coming Sunday 25 May), another that is gradually closing in on a stable orbit around Mercury, another at Venus, three international probes rounding the Moon, an amazing mission giving us daily insights into the Saturn system, and at least eight other active interplanetary probes – two of which are actually interstellar and one that has recently flown past Jupiter on its way to Pluto!


NHAnd for those who care to be amazed, one can be treated to almost instantaneous front row views and coverage.



I never cease to be speechless with, well, yes, the enchantment of it all.Io and Jupiter





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