End of hiatus

Apologies for the latest VERY extended hiatus in attending to this blog. I have been snowed under with overdue work, which had had to wait throughout the first half of the year given my term-time duties (teaching, supervising), which were additional to my editorial duties (ed-in-chief at my centre…we managed to churn out 11 books during the first semestre of this year…exhilarating, a little bit, exhausting, definitely).

But that is not the whole story. I have also wanted to improve on the stuff that I put up on this space, and I just haven’t felt I had the quality time to produce it. So, put it down to a bit of blogger’s block and a bit of overwork. However, I believe I am ready to get back to it. For the time being, I will simply link to this bit of news, and run off again, with a vague promise to be back soon with some specific topics relating to Sir Raymond Firth, more Notes from my Field Diary and the twists and turns of researching First Contact situations in Sixteenth Century Pacific settings.

One Response to “End of hiatus”

  1. Excuses, excuses!

    So besides this blog, have you published anything lately?

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