Vanuatu election update

Finally able to get back to the blog. A cursory search has not yielded the sort of nitty gritty data that I long to sink my teeth into, but here and here are some of the latest to appear in the Daily Post (dated 4 and 5 Sept, respectively) regarding the Vanuatu election. Ralph himself offered the following (unofficial and incomplete) numbers as of last Tuesday, relating to the Port Vila race:

Unofficial results for Port Vila:

Ralph Regenvanu ( Ind ) – 1,607

Moana C. Kalosil (VGC) – 1,013

Edward N. Napei (VP) – 888

Maxime C. Korman (VRP) – 836

Patrick Crowby (NUP) – 813

David (Shep. All) – 646

Ralph also circulated the following message, which I am very happy to reproduce here, in the spirit of giving as much coverage and distribution to current events in Vanuatu:


Olgeta –

Folem ol “unofficial results” we yumi gat, mi mi lidim Port Vila konstituensi long ova long 1,600 vot, nambatu hemi Moana Carcasseswetem ova 1000 vot. Evri narawan oli kasem less than 1000 vot.

Namba blong mi hemi highest namba eva long Port Vila.

I soemaot klia nomo se ol man i vot blong jenis.

Tankyu long sapot blong yufala evriwan, mo naoia mi nidim sapot blong yufala blong mekem jenis.

Tankyu bakegen,


Finally, for those who might want to obtain further insights into the contemporary politics of Vanuatu, here you will find a handy link to a booklet outlining the party policies of some of the main parties that took part in these past elections.

EDIT: Although this note is from three days ago, it nevertheless indicates that one will have to be patient for a few more days…

I’ve also found this useful blog link with firsthand impressions and images of the run-up to the elections, and voting day itself, from a Peace Corps volunteer based in North Efate.

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