Hear, hear

Just ran into this statement by the editor of The Independent (UK news daily):

I haven’t asked for a car. I don’t like being a burden, particularly in times of financial stress. When you get asked to do things like this it’s a great honour and you should do them to the best of your ability and not take stuff.

I like this guy (naturally, he’s a Londoner). His is a thought I hope I can continue to hold on to within the context of the current work environment that I inhabit…in which privileges, perks and bonuses are too easily taken to be entitlements, rather than merit-driven rewards. More often than not, undeserved rewards, especially in light of the “straitened times” we ourselves are going through, and which should focus our attention on the most efficient way to distribute and employ existing funds, rather than how much milk the cow will provide.


My two cents for today.

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